Vivacity Pride 2020


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Welcome to Vivacity Pride 2020!

We'd like to wish everybody a happy Pride month! In order to celebrate, spawn has been decked out in Pride colors; make sure to take a look.

Later this month, we will also be hosting a 7-day Summer Games event. There will be various events everyday and tons of fun for everybody. Check back later for more information!

There will be a sale all of this month, as well as free yellow. Make sure to go to the Vivacity shop in order to claim that rank. There will also be a 50% off sale for the entirety of the month.

Happy shopping! We'd like to wish you a happy Pride once again. Have fun and keep safe!

Images courtesy of astrcnaut. Building by kev10lesser, jello2222222, pineapplequeen21, CuBe_Boss, cletus_11, and odonai.

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