TwilightPanther's Ban Appeal


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TwilightPanther's Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal
In-Game Name:


Discord Id:

- Archaeopteryx #4777

Reason for ban:

- "Destroying a player's unclaimed land."

Who you were banned by:

- (Not specified)

Why you believe you should be un-banned:

- I haven't been online in several days myself: I came to this server specifically because I hated the griefing and toxicity of most other servers, and I know that I didn't do this. I'm actually afraid that my little brother may have gotten on one of 'my' servers without asking first, and that's on me for not being more vigilant.

[OPTIONAL] Proof of innocence:

- Our family has only one computer; I share my Minecraft account with my younger brother. No, this isn't fake, it's just what we can afford right now-- and I truly apologize for any damage he may have done, but he's 12. I'll talk to him and see if I can get him to email an apology, because honestly I don't think my mother or sister would have done this, so... most likely him.

I know that this doesn't prove anything, being just my own word, but I'm fully prepared to do anything I can to make sure whoever's land was griefed is fixed or repaid in some manner. This is really embarrassing and I feel terrible. If an admin or mod would like to further discuss this with me, I'll be more than happy to talk. I can even get my brother on the call if need be.

I really enjoy being on this server and being a part of the peaceful, supportive community that it fosters. I would hate to give anyone a bad impression of me, so please do contact me as soon as possible so I can clear my name!

Thank you.