Tips and Info On Becoming A Trainee

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Hey! Welcome to the forums, this post will mostly be about how to make your application better. As well as some things you shouldn't do in this section, to keep it more clean.

I'd like to start off by saying there is NO age limit on becoming staff! We base our opinions on maturity of the player. So act mature and you may have a high chance becoming trainee! Also, as Boris pointed out in his reply, please don't lie in your application. This ties in with your age also. We will find out and more often than not, it leads to an instant reject! You can't say that you're trustworthy in your application but then lie about yourself!

When you create your application, make sure to add tons of detail. Sometimes the staff hasn't seen you on the server, or may not know you. Your application is their chance to get to know you. We need to know if you're mature enough. Being staff sometimes isn't too easy so we try and see you if you can be patent with other players. We don't want our staff to lash out on players who don't deserve it!

For me personally (And a few other staff as well), grammar is so important in your application. It shows us that you're mature. We don't want the players coming on and seeing the staff has horrible grammar. On the topic of grammar, you NEED to know how to spell. I'd assume you already know how to spell, but we don't want players to get banned and you've spelled something wrong that they wont understand. You're going to need to have amazing punctuation. We don't want to read these ongoing sentences, be sure to add commas and periods.

Those are some things that I've used in the past to become staff on this server, and as you can see, it worked. Just a few tips on how you can make you application better. Now for the rest of this. I don't know if we'll call these rules, or just preferences. But please keep the information you're about to read in mind.

If you make an application, you have to be ready to receive some constructive criticism. If you don't know what that means, It's when someone replies to your application being harsh, but telling you some things you can work on. Instead of getting angry at that person and or staff, be happy that they said that. They just told you something you can improve on. So don't get angry at a small thing like that, most times the person is trying to help. If you get mad at something as small as that, maybe it's not the right idea for you to become staff. There is way worse things that people do and say to you.

Please do NOT pester staff to take a look at your application. Most time the staff is doing something else ,and do not have time to look at it. They will look at it on their own time. I personally might even change my answer if you ask me to look at your application.

Please. Do not remake an application, do not make 2 applications. All it really does it give staff a harder time because they have to close the application later on. If you feel that it is necessary for us to read an updated version of your application, just edit the fist one that you made, it'll put it right back to the top where everyone can see.

Please consider following these rules as it might give you a higher chance in becoming trainee. I hope you've learned off of this, and can improve your application to meet the standers that staff expects. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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