The Mighty N10WX T-28A


im bored so ima learn you a thing or two about this badass plane so lets go

alright so this here is a highly modified North American T-28
this bad boy flew weather research for 30 years for the institute of atmospheric sciences in south dakota it was designed in the late 60s in response to the russians claiming they could modify weather at will

it was fittied with multiple scientific measuring instruments and added structural strength to study hail and weather modification techniques
eventually research gradually evolved into severe storm penetration to study the micro physical aspects within storms

in later years it was used to study tornadic storms (THIS BAD BOY WAS OUT HERE ZOOMIN ROUND TORNADOS HOW COOL IS THAT)
the T-28 was the only aircraft at the time that was able to withstand the forces of a level 6 thunderstorm

and of course we cant talk about the plane without talking about the pilot with the balls big enough to take on a job like this
and that man would be Tom Warner tom flew b-1s for the air force and was a t-38 instructor he is also a meteorologist currently researching high speed lightning at SDSM&T
you go you sexy man you proud of u
okay lets get back to this sexy beast of a plane


this bad boy had some bad ass features and let me tell you about em
it was highly modified to be able to withstand hail up to 3 inches of diameter severe turbulence icing and LIGHTNING MY GUYS
it had armor plating on the leading edge of the wings and tail and had a bullet proof lexan and metal reinforced canopy
now lets talk about ice my friends

there was no deicing capability on the wings or the tail and occasionally ice would build up on the wings to the point where the pilot
could no longer hold altitude the pilot would have to descend below the freezing level and let the ice melt before going back into the storm
now i know what your thinking what about the engine and propeller how are they protected from ice / hail

leme learn you a thing or two about alcohol and not the drinkypoo kind

the T-28a was equipped with alcohol for anti icing of the propeller and carburetor and it did a pretty darn tootin good job at it
not only was this plane heavily armored it was more powerful than a standard T-28 so it could carry lotsa ice on the air frame
if the engine developed full power

here are a couple pictures of hail damage to unarmored parts of the plane (NOW THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE)
the right being the wing tip which had to be hammered out after each season
and the left being the 2dc probe the instrument sensors would add to their battle scars each year

now its time for some really sad news guys (you might cry)

in 2005 the N10WX T-28 was retired with the plan that it would be displayed at the strategic air & space museum in nebraska
however the museum decided to exercise an agreement clause that allowed them to sell the T-28 for cash (lame move)
a guy named Mark Clark (this guy sucks too) purchased it to scrap the parts

theres some good news though when the "Storm" community heard about this they were able to acquire the remaining bulk of the plane and truck it to norman oklahoma where it was stored for several years

now for some great news (what a roller coaster of emotions amirite)
the plan was to rebuild it for display at the national weather museum across from the national weather center in norman oklahoma
the museum was approved for non-profit status and finally opened in 2016 where you can see the N10WX T-28A on display
the museum staff continues to work on the T-28 and hopes to gather enough parts to restore its to its whole appearance

and thats all you need to know to get up to speed on the N10WX T-2.. wait this isnt donut media

okay yea
if you read all of this ily and have a nice day

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