Starting out on VivaCityMC!


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Getting Started on VivaCityMC
Welcome to VivaCityMC! This is a guide to help you get started on the server! In this guide we cover:
  • What VivaCityMC is
  • The first hour on VivaCityMC
  • Frequently Asked Questions

▶ What is VivaCityMC?
TL;DR: VivaCityMC is a claim survival server with several unique features such as quests, contests, jobs and more!

VivaCityMC is a claim survival server with the goal of connecting you with a great community and a fun place to play! The server hosts several unique features that enhance your survival experience like:
  • Unique fishing experiences (that can earn you a lot of money!)
  • Contests - win tokens and in-game money by competing with one another for the top 3 spots!
  • Quests - Adventure and complete quest objectives, you will be rewarded greatly upon completing a quest
  • Jobs - Join many job roles on the server and earn in-game money, job points and job experience doing what you love most!
  • Ranks - Grind the way through the ranks ladder and unlock new perks each time you rank up!
  • Auctions - Auction extremely rare items and watch as the players place their bid and compete for your item!

▶ The first hour on VivaCityMC
Welcome! You have joined the server, and you want to get to know the server, but you're confused about where to start from, in this area, I'll cover your first hour on VivaCityMC! You'll learn:
  • Where to find areas you are looking for
  • Some basic commands that are unique to the server
  • Gathering materials and set your base up
With that out of the way, let's jump in!

Finding your way around
When joining the server, you'll be at the spawn place, here you can find:
  • Crates
  • Dungeons
  • Token Redeemer
  • Tinkerer & Blacksmith
  • Various Shops
The first thing you'll want to do is head on over to the survival world, you can go to the survival world by doing /wild or /rtp then selecting the grass. This is the world where you can build and store your items without them being reset!

Once you have a basic base and some tools, you'll want to make sure to claim that base! All you need to do is /kit guide if you don't already have a golden shovel, use the golden shovel and right-click an area you want to claim, then run to the other side and right-click again with the shovel, and your land is now claimed! You can trust people on your claim by running the /trust command. You'll also want to set a home, you can do this by doing /sethome, then to get back to your base, you can run the command /home.

Now your base is secure, you'll probably want to get some resources, there is a dedicated resource world on the server that you can access via the /resources command or by /rtp then selecting the grass block! This world resets every month so there are fresh resources for you to gather!

Now you know where the basic areas are, you'll want to start using some of the features the server has to offer!
The very first one being jobs! Jobs is a simple way to earn money on the server by mining, cutting wood, baking food and plenty more! You can join a job using the /jobs command! With this money, you can eventually use it to rank up to new ranks!

The next feature is one I have just mentioned! Ranks! You can view what ranks there are, what perks you get with them and how much they cost by doing /ranks! Once you have obtained enough money for the next rank, you can do /rankup and rankup to that rank. There are also donator ranks that you can purchase using IRL money through the /buy menu, these ranks give you exclusive donor only features.

Since you're now set up, you should vote for the server! It helps the server reach out to new players and you get some easy rewards for doing so! you can vote by doing /vote

So that is how to get started with the basic features of the server, there is plenty more to cover though to help you get familiar with the server and what it has to offer, and that is what I am working on, so stay tuned for updates!

If you want to have a specific segment added, just reply to the thread!
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