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Player Rules
We have these rules to keep and maintain an orderly server. By joining the server, you automatically accept these rules. Be aware that the rules are subject to change without any notification. These rules are up for interpretation by staff members. Keep in mind that you can and will be punished for breaking any of these rules! If you feel that you were unfairly punished, please post a ban appeal on the forums.

1. Please make sure you respect other players! We strive to offer a welcoming Minecraft community for all type of players just like yourself! This includes but is not limited to: Talking about others when they are not present, Bullying, Mimicking, mocking or being rude to ANY player or staff member, both whilst they are and after they have used their authority to enforce the rules or whilst trying to handle a situation. Mocking a staff member’s decision will only worsen the situation and possibly get you in trouble. If you feel that the staff member's reaction to the situation is unjust, please use the forums to make a staff report explaining the entire situation, please refrain from talking about the situation within discord or in-game any further than the actual action. This is meant to be a playful and fun environment so don't ruin it for others.

2. Do not spam or flood the chat. Chat-flooding is defined as clogging the chat for the server or any individual player with a string of characters either similar or without order. In addition, do not auction an item to show off its stats. Please use /s while holding the item for this purpose additionally %item% can be used for a secondary attempt to show something. Furthermore, please do not use black (&0) letter coloring when using the /nick command, this is to avoid confusion and ensure all names are easily legible/visible.

3. Do not advertise in any chat. Advertising is defined as: Encouraging the use of outside goods or services in exchange for outside currency, goods, or services. Furthermore, the mention of any Minecraft server IP address(es) or URL(s) including a Minecraft server IP address(es) in public chat is strictly forbidden. You may give a server IP in private chat if they ask for it however, attempting to contact players for the sole purpose of sharing details of another server is forbidden.

4. Please use only English in global chat. You may speak in other languages only in private messages! This is to prevent other languages from clogging up the chat for players who cannot understand said language.

5. Griefing is NOT allowed in "any world". Griefing is defined as (but is not limited to): Intentionally causing unwanted (by the victim) placing, removal, or change of blocks or entities in a location currently or recently occupied by a player (the victim of the grief) or in the immediate vicinity of the location currently or recently occupied by a player. An area is defined as occupied when a player decides that they want to occupy it under reasonable circumstance. To clarify, a player may not decide that they're occupying the entire server as that would be unreasonable. Furthermore, if a player decided they're occupying a piece of land, but failed to claim it or make known his occupation, it would not be considered griefing if another player built on it because the original occupier failed to make his occupation known thus it would not be intentional. However, in order to remain considerate, please always try your best to respect other players and their property by not building in an area that a player may have forgotten to claim.

6. Hacking and glitching are not allowed. Hacking is defined as: The use of unauthorized third party software or hardware to gain an unfair advantage over other players. If you are unsure about whether your software or hardware is considered unfair ask a staff member before using it. (The description of “Unfair” is decided by the enforcing staff member’s interpretation). Glitching is defined as exploiting a plugin or other in-game mechanic in a way that it was not designed to gain an unfair advantage. Examples of approved mods: Optifine, shaders, maps, or any mod that does not directly affect gameplay.

7. Racist, sexist, political or otherwise prejudiced or divisive remarks and slurs are not allowed! This includes but is not limited to remarks about race, sex, appearance, disabilities, political alignment or religion! This means that you may not make remarks that directly say or imply that another group of people are inferior! If another player or staff member finds your comment prejudiced or offensive, you may be subject to punishment! For this reason, please be sure that you think carefully before you say something.

8. Setting a home in another player’s claimed land is not allowed without their permission! Please make sure to consult the other player and get their permission before setting a home in their territory! Homes may be set 60 blocks away from the border of someone else home! Anything closer will be punishable. Furthermore, you may not claim land, or place structures within 60 blocks to someone else's claim as claims are saved vertically (bedrock to sky). This is also applied to all horizontal claims as well.

9. Auto-farms, auto-fishing and grinders are not allowed. This means anything mechanism that doesn't require full attention manual movement, will not be tolerated. Afk machines are also considered as a violation of this rule. Redstone contraptions that use heavy redstone are open to debate however if a staff member deems them to be harmful to the server they may ask you to remove it. Afking long term at a spawner may result in a punishment.

10. Attempting to loophole the rules is strictly prohibited! This means that you may not deliberately do or say something that is not “technically” against the rules but barely skims past a rule! For example, you may not make a negative remark about a certain race then claim that you were stating a fact, therefore negating the “racist” aspect of the comment. If a staff member feels that you are loop-holing the rules, you may be punished! Therefore, please steer clear of any rule breaking and make sure that you are exercising good judgment! If you find a loophole in the rules, please notify a staff member or post it on the forums. This helps us make sure that rules are followed on the server as well as allows the rules to remain as accurate as possible. Loop-holing the rules is taken very seriously as attempting to do so after being warned shows disrespect for the rules and staff members.

Please be mindful of others.
This is designed to be a friendly environment and to have fun.

Yours truly, Vivacity Management
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