QOTW 8/7/2020


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I'll miss Aetheria and the mountain base I began, but I'm *really* looking forward to all of the new opportunities and builds I'll make in this next reset :D


Almost the same as any other reset. All of the builds, both atrocious and prodigious. All of the weird and bizarre items that everyone has collected collectively as a group over the several years that everyone has been on the server. Although, I'm not sad. A reset is a reset, it's meant to happen. Everything comes to an end soon enough, and that's okay. The memories, the thoughts, and the friends we made along the way are what counts. 🙃

It's absolutely remarkable how this server has grown over the past ~5 years of its life. Thank you, everyone, for the memories and moments and actions that have influenced me in several ways. You are all amazing. Don't ever change. (Please actually do, change is an important aspect of life!)



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I will miss all 64 keys I wasted thinking I couldn't pack them over. I am also sad that my 19 days is reset so I won't be getting the Veteran tag anytime soon. I will also miss the daily grind once the Viva closes on the 20th; I know it is for good reason but this place is my only real place that I can be queer and not feel backlash for it.

Although, I agree with Lady we will have a lot of new memories to make. It will give us newer players a chance to build empires without fear of being too close to others, thinking of all the new towns that I hope to be a part of when we reset. It will also give me a chance to do something other than a giant tower farm and get the heck out of a savanna biome. I am so sick of the drab green and acacia wood.