~~Old Shoe In Token Shop~~


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Upon purchasing an Old shoe from the "Token Shop" I immediately used it as I need the "Ol' Betsy Shard" to upgrade my fishing rod. However much to my dismay the shard appears to be different from the ones acquired from fishing and as a result it didn't work in the token shop. If possible I would love to be able to swap in the broken shard for a working one as it did cost 8 tokens.

Ol' Betsy Shard's acquired via fishing:
Screenshot (6).png

Ol' Betsy Shard's acquired via Token Shop:
Screenshot (7).png
If you're having issues with the token shop and it providing the old version of the betsy shard, let Ergenta know either through Discord (/discord command on the server) or let him know when he's on the server. You should tell him that the Old Shoe needs to be updated.