MyDemonAlastoR's Trainee Application

1. Do you have at least 72 hours logged on our server? This is required before applying for staff.

2. Have you been a staff member on any other server? If so, which?
No, not really a staff member, But I made a server with my friends once

3. What is your discord username?
~Lucile uwu~ #9614

Staff Questions

1. How old are you? (In years)

2. Do you have any experience with our forums/server?

-I'm always on the server making builds, I just got on the forums

3. Do you have any experience with any other general plugins?

-Yeah I know a few like the Luckperms plugin, and a few others

4. Do you understand the Server's anti-grief system?

-Yep! it's suppose to be a friendly server where you can make builds without people damaging them.

5. Do you have experience of being a staff on another server and/or service?

-Not as a staff member really but I had a server with my friend once.

6. Have you ever tried creating your own server? How did it go?

-it was fun, Me and my friends loved it, it was only a server for my friends tho so it was like a closed server if that makes sense.

7. Why do you want to be a trainee?

- I don't really know, I really love this server and I want to be able to help people, Idk everyone is just really nice and it's conforting to me and I want to be albe to give back if that makes sense.

8. How long have you been on the Server?

-A few weeks I'm not sure

9. Have you ever been banned? What were you banned for and by whom?

-No I have not.

10. What hours will you most likely be on?(PST)

-usually about 1pm to 8am sometimes, or 3:00 8:00 (or in the morning)

11. Do you understand what a trainee does? Please explain.

-it is someone who seeks to learn from the other staff on how to better improve the server and help people. Someone who can help provide for other people and help them.

12. How would you handle a grief report? Example: "Help! I have been griefed :/"

-id try to help them in anyway I can, Maybe tell another staff member about what is going on and work to find a solution, if I can't help them I will message another staff member to see what has happened

13. How would you handle someone, or many people, complaining that the server is lagging?

-Id check their wifi, if it was low id tell them to maybe relog in if that might help. if their is a lot of people talking about lag I would message a staff member like ergenta or cube about it.

14. How many warnings would you give before you temp-banned someone?

- 3 warning unless it is very bad like homophobic stuff or slurs of any kind It still depends.

15. Would you try to collect "evidence" before you ban someone, such as screen shots, ect. ?

-Yes!, I wont do anything without evidence. I would take screenshots (if I need to) and collect other peoples story's, and log of what has been taken or what was said.

16. If you became a trainee, would you check the ban appeals frequently?

-Yeah, every few days

17. What is your favorite song?

- :O yesss I have so many lol, I do really like the song "slow dancing in the dark" and "rue" (by girl in red)

18. Any staff member recommend you? (It's okay if they don't but it's better if you do have one!)
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