My Staff App: RiskyPenetrator :D


New member
My Previous App got Banished to the shadow realm so I decided to make another. It's a little lighter on the sarcasm so hopefully more people understand my intent.

I currently have 3.35 days on the server and over 7 on the previous reset.

I'm in the Discord Server as @Risky#1651 just @ me on discord if you need to talk about anything.

Staff Questions

1. How old are you? (In years)

- 19

2. Do you have any experience with our forums/server?

- Well, I play on the server and I've used the forums, so yes. I have experience with them both.

3. Do you have any experience with any other general plugins?

- Yeah, TPA, home, world edit etc I've used a lot of the most popular plugins.

4. Do you understand the Server's anti-grief system?

- Yeah, Claim blocks, Claiming with a 24ct shovel and smacking the floor with a stick like an old man to find out who's lawn your on. pretty straight forward if I'm honest.

5. Do you have experience of being staff on another server and/or service?

- Yeah, I was staff on a few servers in games I played way too much a few years ago. one of which was a Minecraft server.

6. Have you ever tried creating your own server? How did it go?

- I've made a server of my own before however when I attempted it I lived with my mum and she genuinely didint understand why I needed to port forward, so she didn't let me. Basically she banished me to the LAN realm eternally.

7. Why do you want to be a trainee?

- I've been told I should and I play on the server too much so I may as well spend my time helping people rather than digging a hole.

8. How long have you been on the Server?

- since about May this year or something, honestly don't remember.

9. Have you ever been banned? What were you banned for and by whom?

- Nah I'm a good boi. ;)

10. What hours will you most likely be on? (PST)

- Perhaps 12 onwards. maybe earlier depending on stuff and things.

11. Do you understand what a trainee does? Please explain.

- Kick and mute people that deserve it. Find the hackaroonies and report up the chain of command so they can be eliminated dealt with.

12. How would you handle a grief report? Example: "Help! I have been griefed :/"

- well, I'd find out who destroyed said thing then Rollback the area that was damaged or I would help fix it.
However as a trainee, id scream at someone in the discord to sort it because I can't do it myself

13. How would you handle someone, or many people, complaining that the server is lagging?

- I'd say, "leave and it won't lag" Message Cube or Erg to restart the server.

14. How many warnings would you give before you temp-banned someone?

- depends on how annoying they are. probably a baseline of 3 warnings.

15. Would you try to collect "evidence" before you ban someone, such as screenshots, etc. ?

- I would video them but my computer sucks balls so I'd get a trusty community member to do it for me. at least until I get an upgrade ;)

16. If you become a trainee, would you check the ban appeals frequently?

- bi-weekly as most of them deserve it anyways.

17. What is your favorite song?

- THIS IS huehuehue

18. Does any staff member recommend you? (It's okay if they don't but it's better if you do have one!)

- I mean Erg asked me if I wanted to be staff previously and I declined it because I was taking a short break. but now. IM BACK BABY :D
also pretty sure Canadian fancies me (its mutal) so I reckon id get her approval.


Edit: This application is only to apply to be a trainee, nothing else.