Make /fly more accessible.


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Now, I have to approach this subject in an non bias way, because I am pro making fly more accessible I have to lay down the cons as well.

I believe that /fly should be more accessible, give at a way lower rank. For now, it is really expensive.
The server is a survival server, it's all about building whatever your heart desires but one that wants to push their limits and build really big structures is very limited.
The way I see fly is for the use of builds, now, I am fairly new to the server so I don't know if fly could help us make money more easily.
From my point of view, I am trying to build a big city but I am very limited on what I can do. Trying to build big structures to add to my city, push my limits and actually plan things out. I believe that on a play time side it would be even better. Example, I'm fairly new but actually really enjoy the server, why ? It stood out more than others because of the community, what the server has to offer, player shops was one big thing for me. I want to push my limits and actually spend a lot of time on builds but as I said I am limited to what I can do because of fly, it can get very complicated to the point where it is almost impossible. Now, I don't want to be biased, I want to see everyone's opinions on this. I want to see how it could affect the server negatively but I don't see any ways probably because I am fairly new and still don't know the server that well but please, let's have a discussion on this. I am not asking to make /fly free but I believe having it at 38USD or 45USD without the discount is pretty expensive for a survival server. Let's have an open minded discussion below.


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I believe that getting fly commands should be hard, since having flying brings a lot of benefits, e.g. getting around quicker, taking no fall damage etc.

Plus it also allows people to have something big to work towards, there's, of course, the other option to purchase rainbow rank for 45 USD or giving fly to everyone for a month for the same price.

With purchasing /fly your giving it to everyone for a month, so I can see this being justifiable, if you wanted it personally, you can always purchase rainbow rank, and get the perks of that rank and all the other ranks below it too (rainbow rank offers more value towards an individual, whereas the purchasing of /fly offers server benefits)