interlaser's Ban Appeal (Optional)


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interlaser's Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal
In-Game Name: interlaser

Discord Id: interlaser#5215

Reason for ban: I stole from some chests, I regret it as well.

Who you were banned by: Brayson

Why you believe you should be un-banned: (Please note, this is an optional ban appeal, and you do not have to un-ban if you do not wish to. I have no trouble at all waiting the ban out.) Re-reading rules, I realize how big of a "no-no tolerance" stealing is, and how it is classified and justified in the "No Griefing/Stealing" Rule, and now fully understand, and abide by it. I apologize sincerely for my misbehavior, and I rightfully promise to never break another rule within this server.

[OPTIONAL] Proof of innocence: I am in no way, shape, or form innocent, and I again apologize for misbehavior and the slight misunderstanding of the rule. I am also here to state, that this is an OPTIONAL appeal, and you may un-ban me if you so choose to do. If you choose not to, I do not mind waiting out the ban, as I am guilty of all charges, and I surrender myself to the punishment. I mostly posted this to apologize, and swear that I won't steal again, and make sure I follow all rules that show.