I looted a chest that wasn't protected and have been banned without warning.

Does the "grey area" ruling of looting unprotected property need to be restructured?

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g_scott_b 's Ban Appeal ~Edit added at the bottom

Ban Appeal
In-Game Name:


Discord Id:

-none yet

Reason for ban:

"raiding someones storage"

Who you were banned by:

-currently unknown by me but i'm guessing a moderator.

Why you believe you should be un-banned:

-I don't necessarily, but I did see somewhere (and agree) that instant punishment seems to be much less effective as a solution to minor 1st infraction. I'm ok with a 3 day ban for breaking a rule, even if the rule seems flawed. I didn't read all the rules b4 I started, I should have. I logically thought what I was doing was ok.
I took items from a chest that clearly weren't mine. To specify; I found a house. It had very little inside it, looked as though it were created with the map. There wasn't an animal farm or garden in the area. There were no doors on the house. There were No building privileges in the house or around the house or the chests in question. The house was way too elaborate to expect that somebody painstakingly built it from scratch but didn't bother to protect it in any way (like claiming the territory via gold shovel). The friend who brought me to this server had to give me permission just to open his chests, so naturally I thought the chest in the house existed to be looted just like ones found in other structures. When I first joined this sever a few days ago my buddy abandoned his massive build to start a new spot with me and left everything behind that he couldn't carry "for others to have if they find it" since he removed the building privileges so the chest would be available to anyone. If I knew the items were not meant to be taken I would have left them be. But I'm new to this whole online/server gameplay with localized rules and structure. I literally bought the game last week.
My plea is that if what I'm doing in-game is logical to the regular gameplay: (find stuff/build stuff) and everyone has the immediate and clear ability to claim land and chests to keep other players from grieving them but they don't utilize these obvious tools to protect themselves, how can a new player be immediately punished for playing them game as intended? Why have a golden shovel to claim property (which I've learned expands with gameplay), and still blindly punish the ignorant (me)? I can give the items back gladly. I can even give more to remedy the wrong doing. And maybe the moderator has already done this, but I don't know because I am banned..

[OPTIONAL] Proof of innocence:

-I am not innocent of the charge; I did take things from a chest that wasn't mine. . .
I took things from an open chest from inside a house with No doors or building/access privilages/restrictions.

..also, if placing your first chest automatically binds the surrounding area as claimed land, then wouldn't the player who owned the chests have needed to manually remove the land/property claim? Assuming there was one to begin with. Can literally anyone on the server place a chest down and choose not to protect it and have other players banned for looting it?! This flaw, I feel, needs to be addressed more appropriately than just to ban people. But then again I'm very ignorant to the local guidelines of this server.
Truly I believe somehting greater can come of this infraction. What say you...?

VIVACITY M..C Rule #5 regarding griefing: [..."Furthermore, if a player decided he was occupying a piece of land, but failed to claim it or make known his occupation, it would not be considered griefing if another player built on it because the original occupier failed to make his occupation known thus it would not be intentional."...]
Now this is regarding 'building' specifically but that's because there aren't rules specifically about looting unclaimed chests. It is different but as close a rule to my situation as I can find.

~~Now that I have read all the server rules, I claim that there is no rule that has actually been broken "Raiding someone's storage" is not a posted rule!?
Even more-so now, I attest this circumstance needs to be more deeply addressed along with restructure to the foundations upon which one can file a claim leading to the banning of another player.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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You're unbanned. Claims become auto unclaimed after a certain amount of time. It's difficult to tell if someone quit or just decided to build in unclaimed land due to lack of claimblocks, or some other reason. Because of this, there's a strict no grief/stealing rule. If you have any questions at all about any aspect of the server, please dm me @ergenta#5132 on discord or message me in game.


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please add to the vivacitymc.com website games rules, the specific distinction of "no stealing" to the no griefing section of the servers rule forum post.
Thank you for the timely response.
I meant no ill will in my action.