House build contest (15x15)


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Create a new thread and place in the title: The single Guys House
Project name: SGHv2.3
IGN: Venluckey
Short description: A house based on what a single guy in minecraft may need. It has a basement to clean clothes and armor, a kitchen to cook food and a common area for relax. A upstairs has the bedroom that overlooks the sunset (the area where the rules are). Room has a shoe rack and closet.




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Project name: Medieval House
IGN: SlimeCraft541
Short description: Two floor house with a bedroom with two beds, kitchen and living room. A household stove and two tables


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Project name: Modern House
IGN: SlimeQueen541
Short description: A two floor house with a kitchen, one bedroom and a dining room. Balcony to the outside


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Project Submitting Format:
Project name: Building Contest - House Build - Rustic Mini Fort
IGN: ThunderRunner26
Description: Spruce and cobblestone mini fortress with basement garden and spacious living quarters on the second floor. Open windows on the ground floor are perfect for letting in a cooling breeze or just cooling pies. Large windows upstairs offer plenty of viewing of the land.
Pictures: Build contest submission - Rustice Mini Fort 1.pngBuild contest submission - Rustice Mini Fort 3.pngBuild contest submission - Rustice Mini Fort 4.pngBuild contest submission - Rustice Mini Fort 5.pngBuild contest submission - Rustice Mini Fort2.png


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Project name: I have Dubbed this Castle. I don't know why I just did
IGN: KiwiBuzzSaw is my IGN
Description: the bottom half is made of sandstone and oak logs the top half is made of oak wood planks and birch logs with glow stone on the roof
2019-05-28_14.22.12.png2019-05-28_14.37.59.pngEntry photo 4.pngEntry photo 4.png2019-05-28_14.47.48.pngEntry photo 5.png


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Project name: House from up (ill miss you)
IGN: Sukkigo
A house from up, just about to take off, I play pure vanilla, I dont use texture packs.. here is my house in regular minecraft
There are little notes hidden in the house.
Complete with a picture above the fireplace and a photo of the two of them by the mantel.
You can see where the foundation was ripped from the ground!



Project Name: Cozy Loft
Ign: SlayerSan
Description: Its just a cute little house design i came up with for a couple who wants to relax and wind down.2019-05-29_11.12.54.png2019-05-29_11.13.06.png2019-05-29_11.13.33.png2019-05-29_11.12.21.png2019-05-29_11.12.33.png