Horse Racing Rules and Information

This post is a list of information needed for participating in Horse Racing Events at Kev and Odo's house. This includes a list of rules and other procedures that are necessary to read before our events.

We will post information about specific events at our home on Discord and link this page for people to read.

===Horse Race Jockey Rules===
1) Only racers on the track. No spectators on the track, no elytras on the track, no flying on the track, no weapons on the track.
2) All entries into races/bets are final, no refunds. You must pay the entry fee to be permitted to race.
3) Racers may not not leave the starting gate before it opens. Racers may store horses in the track facilities before and after races.
4) Only the racing officials/judges can call back a race based on a false start or for any other reason. No audience members can.
5) Judges will determine the winner of the race if it appears to be a tie.
6) Winner of the race is the first horse to cross the plane of the finish line. There are no lanes on the track, you are permitted anywhere on the green "grass" portion of the track. Winner will recieve the cash pool prize.
7) Riding horses onto the white quartz boundary of the track will result in a penalty and potential disqualification.
8) Minimum number of racers per race is 3, maximum is 8. The number of racers and tier rank of race will determine the cash prize at the end.
9) Listen to the directions of racing officials.

===Horse Race Spectator Rules===
1) If you are not racing do not try an impede the racers (arrows, boats, potions, etc). You will be asked to leave and banned from the events.
2) You may spectate only from the grand stands OR spectating box above the track, not the sides of the track or on the track.
3) Racing officials may remove anyone from the track at any time.

===Horse Race Betting Procedures/Rules===
-Betting is separate from entry fee in the horse race. All bets are final.
-You may place a bet on as many horses/players as you wish. There is no minimum bet and there is no maximum bet. You may bet with items or in game money.
-Simply tell the designated betting official for that race who you would like to bet on and how much you would like to bet.
-You may bet for yourself.
-If the horse you bet on wins the race, you will recieve the money of bets. If multiple people placed a bet on the same horse, the cash prize will be split between the people who bet and won.
-House will keep a small portion of the prizes.
There is a race with: a white horse and brown horse.
Person A places a 10k bet on the white horse and Person B places a 10k bet on the brown horse.
If the WHITE horse wins the race, Person A will win about 20k.

===Entry Fees for Standard Horse Race===
-Grand League is 35k
-Pro League is 20k
-Senior League 10K
-Junior League 5k
-Apprentice League 2.5k
-Amateur League 1k
-Exhibition League $500
-Custom League

This list is not an exhaustive list of rules and we can change/add new rules as we deem necessary.
More information to come...
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Can’t wait to do the races! (If anyone has like the worlds slowest horse, plz /mail send bartagus, I will buy it )