EmberGaylica's Trainee Application (Updated)


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(Edited) General Questions:

1. Do you have at least 72 hours logged on our server? This is required before applying for staff. (Ensure you reference your time log: pause > Statistics > second line)

- 9 days

2. Have you been a staff member on any other server? If so, which?

- No, I haven't

3. What is your discord username? (Please include the numbers subsequent to the username! Example Robingall#2145)

- 🖤Bella🖤#3587

Staff Questions

1. How old are you? (In years)

- 23 years old

2. Do you have any experience with our forums/server?

- I don't have that much experience with the forums, but with the server, I'm on there almost every day

3. Do you have any experience with any other general plugins?

- I have experience with claim plugins mostly, not much else besides the ones on the server

4. Do you understand the Server's anti-grief system?

- Yes. The claim plugin helps prevent others from griefing peoples builds, as well as protecting any passive mobs in their claim

5. Do you have experience of being a staff on another server and/or service?

- No, I've never been a staff member on another server

6. Have you ever tried creating your own server? How did it go?

- I've never tried, although I'd love to someday

7. Why do you want to be a trainee?

- I think it'd be a fun and exciting experience to get to be a trainee. I currently have a lot of free time and could see myself helping out on the server with a multitude of things! Plus I enjoy helping others a lot

8. How long have you been on the Server?

- Roughly 9 days in total

9. Have you ever been banned? What were you banned for and by whom?

- I've never been banned, no

10. What hours will you most likely be on?(PST)

- 5pm-11pm PST

11. Do you understand what a trainee does? Please explain.

- They step in when complications arise with players, whether that be someone stuck in a claim, someone breaking the rules in chat, or other ways a player may need help

12. How would you handle a grief report? Example: "Help! I have been griefed :/"

- I would talk with the person to try to understand what happened, and go look at the alleged griefing to confirm it. If it's out of a trainee's range of capabilities, I would alert higher up staff to help

13. How would you handle someone, or many people, complaining that the server is lagging?

- I would address them and try to quell their worries by looking into the issue as best I could

14. How many warnings would you give before you temp-banned someone?

- It would depend on the circumstance at hand, and how the persons actions went against the rules of the server, but in general, 3 strikes you're out

15. Would you try to collect "evidence" before you ban someone, such as screen shots, ect. ?

- Yes. Documentation and collection of evidence is important, without it you could ban anyone for any reason

16. If you became a trainee, would you check the ban appeals frequently?

- Yes, I would think once a day would be a good amount

17. What is your favorite song?

- Currently, Say Hi by Dance Gavin Dance

18. Any staff member recommend you? (It's okay if they don't but it's better if you do have one!)

- No, no one has recommended me
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For the time being, I am neutral. I think that your application could use more detail, especially for questions 1-6. It would also be helpful for us if you could post the question above your answer, eg
1. How old are you? (In years)
However, overall I think that you would be a great addition to the staff team! You've been around for a while and I know you as a helpful, mature player.