Diamondgirl2003's application


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Example: Robingall2910's Trainee Application
NOTE: Discord is a requirement! If you are unable to use discord you will not be accepted! It is a vital aspect of the staff team, to work as efficient as possible. Also, having a working microphone is needed, so staff may follow up on your application vocally
General Questions

1. Do you have at least 72 hours logged on our server? This is required before applying for staff. (Ensure you reference your time log: pause > Statistics > second line)
yes I have played on this server for at least 72 hours
2. Have you been a staff member on any other server? If so, which?
no,not that I remember
3. What is your discord username? (Please include the numbers subsequent to the username! Example Robingall#2145)
Diamondgirl2003 (anna) #8153
Staff Questions

1. How old are you? (In years)


2. Do you have any experience with our forums/server?


3. Do you have any experience with any other general plugins?


4. Do you understand the Server's anti-grief system?


5. Do you have experience of being a staff on another server and/or service?

-no not that I can remember

6. Have you ever tried creating your own server? How did it go?

-yes it was on MCPE and it went very well

7. Why do you want to be a trainee?

-I love helping people who need it on servers

8. How long have you been on the Server?

-over a few months

9. Have you ever been banned? What were you banned for and by whom?

-yes once I was glitching and it kicked me for flying

10. What hours will you most likely be on?(PST)

-7am-7pm not a full 12 hours but in etween

11. Do you understand what a trainee does? Please explain.

-yes,they help players when they need it while being kind and having spirit. and protecting the server from griefers etc.


New member
For now, I object your application. It's a good start; but, I think the answers that you have provided need to have more thought and depth rather than a simple yes or a no. Let's take your answer to question 4 as an example:
4. Do you understand the Server's anti-grief system?

Rather than just answering yes, perhaps provide how you understand the system. Like how to claim or what system that we use on the server.

Also, I've noticed that you're missing quite a few questions on your application. You're not required to answer all of the questions, as I myself didn't answer one, but it's highly recommended that you answer most of the questions provided in the staff application template in order to strengthen the quality of your application.

Feel free to take a look at older applications of accepted staff members to see how their applications differ to yours and how you can make positive changes.

Thanks for submitting an application and I'd love to revisit it and potentially change my vote once you have made some edits.

Best of luck,


I object-it has a decent beginning but the rest of the application needs more feeling and thought, a simple "yes" is kind of bland and I would love it if you went into more detail.

As a tip, try to clarify and interpret (in other words, explain) your answer so we know you understand the system well. For example, instead of "yes" try to use "Yes, I understand this and I know because (explanation)."
I also notice that you are missing a few questions like how you justify a grief report. Some of these questions are important and help your chances of getting staff. Like Christina said, I highly recommend that you answer more questions provided in the staff application template to enhance the quality.

Good luck!