Command List - Edition I


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Welcome to the first ever installment of the Command List (CL)!

In the CL, we will go over some of the commands that are either unknown to most players or commands that you might know exist, but don’t know what they do.

- Social links -

/Web: Website
/Discord: Discord
/Store: Server store

- Shop Teleport -

/Backsmith: Blacksmith & Crafter
/Bakery: Bakery Shop
/Stable: Horse Stable
/Farmer: Farmer Shop
/Gems: Gems Shop
/Brewery: Brewery Shop
/Banner: Banner Shop
/Cafe': Cafe' Shop
/Enchanter: Enchanter's Shop
/Redstone: Redstone Shop
/Blocks: Block Shop
/Misc: Misc Shop
/Spawners: Conjuror's Shop
/Fisherman: Fisherman's Shop
- Alias: /Fshop
/Plants: Plants Shop

- World Teleport -

/Spawn: Spawn
/RTP: Brings up a random teleport menu
/Wild: Main survival world
- Alias: /Escape
/PVP: Pvp arena

- Misc -

/Items: Custom Item List
/CE: Custom Enchant List
/Food: Ingredient Food List
/Points: Job points
/Help: HelpDesk
- Alias: /FAQ, /Menu
/Trapped: Frees you from enclosed structures and claimed land​
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