Christmas Build Contest


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Christmas Build Contest!

_SaltyDinosaur_ is hosting a Christmas build contest! The theme for this build contest is: Christmas Tree!
Please keep your creations personal! This means DIY (Do it yourself), we don't want someone else's Christmas tree for the build contest, we want yours!
(this includes YouTube, google, and any type of tutorial) However, feel free to get inspiration from these sites! Just don't directly copy.
You will have one week (Starting Sunday December 2nd) to build your fantastical Christmas tree! Your builds will be judged on the
9th of December at 7 PM EST.

The winner of the build contest will receive a prize along with having their tree featured in future Christmas events!
If you wish to join this build contest, please private message and or mail _SaltyDinosaur_ (Discord:T-Rex#3917) and state that you wish to join!

You may build anywhere! Of course creative is suggested as it's much easier to obtain the resources and it makes it easier on the judges

Good luck to everyone and make sure to have fun!
Yours truly RainbowNation Management