Changes to the way the economy works

Should we implement the new bank & death system?

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Hello everyone!

In an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for you all on VivaCityMC, we are proposing a change to how the economy and deaths work to help make the game more enjoyable for you all.

How our current economy and death works:
Our current economy is very basic, you have a balance and that is your sole area where you can keep track of money and spend it too.

The current death system is vanilla: You die and your items get dropped on the floor and you have 5 minutes to reclaim those items.

Our proposed new system:
The new economy will be based on a bank and a purse/pocket system, you earn money and it goes into your pocket/purse and you must deposit it at the bank, and withdraw it from there to make purchases etc. You will also earn interest on the bank balance.

The new death system will instead take a fixed amount of your balance from your purse/pocket. For instance, if you have 500 and you die, you will have 50 taken from you if you have 1 million+ and you die, you get 500 taken from you, a max amount of 5k will be taken from you upon death depending on your balance, and your items will stay in your inventory. Your bank balance will not be affected when you die, making it a safe place to store your money.

Let us know what you think of this new proposed system, and if you would like to see it implemented into the server! Just vote above! The poll will be closed within 7 days, so make sure to vote on it before the end of next week!

All the best,
Shay Punter.
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new players might like the idea of keeping their stuff when they die. but having 2 bank accounts seems unnecessary for any player that is further into the game, as with good armour or rainbow rank you almost never die