Cake Eating Contest.



Sukkigo here

Just wanted to formally introduce myself as one of the new trainees.

A friendly reminder that it is not really the play time that matters.
It really is about how many slices of cake you can eat! And as such,


Here is how it works:


1st: 20 000$

2nd: 10 000$

3rd: 5 000$

The duration: 1 week Sunday 16- Sunday 23 (official times)

(if you start today the time will be 1 week from the time in your screenshot-read below to understand)

How to participate:

On the game menu screen click this button (circled in red)

This is the information that you are looking for to submit
But you are going to take the screenshot like this (featured below)

With the date and time you started in the window

It is important for the date and time off of your computer to be in your shot.

Post the screenshots below, when submitting your second screenshot in 1 week, reply to your original post quoting your message

In order for you to be in the running for the prizes, You must submit a second screenshot before your 1 week is up. The deadline to submit your screenshot will be Sunday 23rd before midnight est.

****If you don't submit your second screenshot before the end of Sunday 23rd you will be disqualified****
if you have any questions feel free to leave a reply or pm me on the server

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