Ban Appeal


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Ban Appeal
In-Game Name:

- catcornzy

Discord Id:

- N/A

Reason for ban:

- Stealing + Griefing

Who you were banned by:


Why you believe you should be un-banned:

-I am very sorry I did not realize that unclaimed buildings or structures or chests were part of the griefing rules but going back and re-reading it does seem evident that I was in the wrong here.

"Furthermore, if a player decided he was occupying a piece of land, but failed to claim it or make known his occupation, it would not be considered griefing if another player built on it because the original occupier failed to make his occupation known thus it would not be intentional. However, in order to remain considerate, please always try your best to respect other players and their property by not building in an area that a player may have forgotten to claim."

I am a new player and really like this server because of how small and intimate it feels, I now feel better knowing that all things will be safer here in this server. I have a lot of fun time playing here with my friend mellowtea, and I hope to be able to play again soon. My ban is only for 7 more hours, and I now understand why. I would like to request that unclaimed buildings and chest should not be griefed/stolen from, be added to the rules for further clarification.

Sorry again!


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Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. Seems like the the temp ban has already ran out