Are you Rank Z?

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Hello Everyone!

Some of you may be wondering what actually happens when you get to Z. Honestly, we don't know yet! We're thinking of ways that you guys can still work towards things using in-game currency, we're just not sure what those ways are yet, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know!

However, we do know that you need something to work for... Something to make Rank Z worth it apart from the already fantastic perks it brings you! As such, we've decided that the first person to reach Rank Z will receive

We hope this is something you'll want/enjoy. We thought we'd reward the person to reach rank Z first for their hard work and dedication

To clarify, "the first person" is the first person to send ME (Glitch) a screenshot of themselves with the Z Rank on Discord before anyone else does. If I get two or more through all at once, it might come down to a tie breaker

1) Reach Z Rank
2) Screenshot said Z Rank (Using F2)
3) Navigate to your screenshot folder
4) Send it to ME on Discord... If it gets sent to anyone else, it will NOT be counted. (Me = GlEeiiTcHH#0750)
5) Feel smug |:>

Good luck to you all!

Yours truly RainbowNation Management
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