alexthecat03 application


New member
1. Do you have at least 72 hours logged on our server? This is required before applying for staff. (Ensure you reference your time log: pause > Statistics > second line)
Yes, I have over 90 hours on this map.

2. Have you been a staff member on any other server? If so, which?
I don't entirely remember the names of the servers I've been staff on, but I have been staff on another server.

3. What is your discord username? (Please include the numbers subsequent to the username! Example Robingall#2145):

Staff Questions

1. How old are you? (In years)
15(16 next month)

2. Do you have any experience with our forums/server?
I don't have as much experience with the forums as I do with the server. But, I do have quite a bit of experience with the server.

3. Do you have any experience with any other general plugins?
I understand how to world with world edit, mcmmo, and the anti-grief plugin.

4. Do you understand the Server's anti-grief system?
Yes. You take a golden shovel, right-click on the ground in one corner and then in the other corner in which you want it. It will claim the area inside that perimeter of land and no one else can access that besides the person who claimed the area and those who trust them to it.

5. Do you have experience of being a staff on another server and/or service?
Yes, I have had experience of being staff on another server.

6. Have you ever tried creating your own server? How did it go?
In the past, I have attempted to create my own server, but the end it was really something for friends and me to play on.

7. Why do you want to be a trainee?
I want to be a trainee because I enjoy being on the server surrounded by the friendly community. Also being able to help players when they need something is what I like to do.

8. How long have you been on the Server?
~4 days on this map on the old map I had ~14 days

9. Have you ever been banned? What were you banned for and by whom?
No, I have never been banned.

10. What hours will you most likely be on?(PST)
Depends on the day and how my sleep schedule is.
Typically I'm on between 3 pm and 3 am.
If I don't have schoolwork to do I can be on at any time.

11. Do you understand what a trainee does? Please explain.
They're there to help out, they're not on the level of helpers/moderators, but they can still help out when problems occur.

12. How would you handle a grief report? Example: "Help! I have been griefed :/"
I would see what I could do to help the person, and try to resolve it. If that is not possible, however, I would contact higher-ups for help.

13. How would you handle someone, or many people, complaining that the server is lagging?
If it is lagging it may be something to do with their connection, and if not then another person may be causing lag with entities. I would see if I could locate the lag if possible, if not get a higher up to see if they can locate it.

14. How many warnings would you give before you temp-banned someone?
I feel as if 3 warnings is enough before temp-banning someone, it also depends on what they've done to(possibly) get temp-banned.

15. Would you try to collect "evidence" before you ban someone, such as screenshots, etc. ?
I would try to collect screenshots of the situation before banning someone.

16. If you became a trainee, would you check the ban appeals frequently?
Yes, I would check them at least once a week.


17. What is your favorite song?
Somebody to Love - Queen
Everyday - Ariana Grande
Misery Business - Paramore
21 Guns - Green Day

18. Any staff member recommend you? (It's okay if they don't but it's better if you do have one!)
Yes, GodlyBlue has recommended me.


Edit: This application is only to apply to be a trainiee, nothing else.


New member
Very active player, makes an effort to help newer players and is friendly. Best of luck to you sir, I vouch.
I also Vouch for Alex. They're a great player to interact with. They're also kind and helpful. Alex is someone that would be a great staff member to represent the server.