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  1. ShayPunter

    Quality of life on the server - I want your feedback!

    Hello Folks! I'm after your feedback on the server! I want to plan a quality of life update for the server, to improve the stuff you don't like and various other small things, though, in order to do this, need your feedback on what you dislike/feel could be improved! This feedback can consist...
  2. ShayPunter

    Shay's Application

    Please note, this application is tailored for a developer position, as that is where my expertise lays, though it can be applied to trainee too. And I know I am developer and admin on the forums, though this is to manage the forums properly, this is for the server :p General Questions 1. Do...
  3. ShayPunter

    Changes to the way the economy works

    Hello everyone! In an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for you all on VivaCityMC, we are proposing a change to how the economy and deaths work to help make the game more enjoyable for you all. How our current economy and death works: Our current economy is very basic, you have a...
  4. ShayPunter

    Starting out on VivaCityMC!

    Getting Started on VivaCityMC Welcome to VivaCityMC! This is a guide to help you get started on the server! In this guide we cover: What VivaCityMC is The first hour on VivaCityMC Frequently Asked Questions ▶ What is VivaCityMC? TL;DR: VivaCityMC is a claim survival server with several...