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    TwilightPanther's Ban Appeal

    @ergenta#5132 on discord If this isn't resolved within a few days, please
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    Oof where do I begin?

    ooo Welcome back, Theo
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    i stopped hacking tho

    Enzo calling people out +1 Was it a tempban, Yodu? Looks like you're not banned anymore
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    Staff Application

    We can't accept applications until the 72hr play time. I'm sorry but if you reapply once that's reached, I'll get it reviewed (y)
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    ElevensEggo's Staff Application

    Never being staff or tech savvy kills the chances? And can you elaborate on what's unprofessional?
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    kingofthejew ban appeal

    +1 for troll attempt but I can't accept an appeal until it's taken seriously. I like the picture though
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    EnZoNightmare's Ban Appeal

    I can appreciate that you've changed so I'm not going to give you false hope and waste your time. So far the census is no for unbanning you as there's just too much history. I really wish you the best of luck and I would suggest asking again in 6 months to a year, but I fear that too would end...
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    VenomSpider20's Ban Appeal

    you're unban
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    Astrcnauts Trainee Application

    Sorry for the late reply. I'll post it in discord. We've got a lot of staff currently so it might get rejected based on that.
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    DylanM253's ban apeal

    It's been almost 48hrs so I unbanned you incase we forget to.
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    Cr4zyCole's Trainee Application

    I'm sorry to say that your application was rejected. If you wish to know why, please dm on discord at @ergenta#5132
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    Cr4zyCole's Trainee Application

    Sorry for the late reply. I'll post in discord now
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    Server Down for Maintenance

    **Server Problems** I'm aware the server closed and we're working on a solution. Please bare with us during this time. - Thanks, Ergenta
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    Server Is Down For Maintenance

    Hello all, I'm sorry for the sudden closure of the server but I don't have control over when the host does maintenance. We're switching server its. So if you're using the direct numerical ip, switch to or Both of these should be back up within 30min to an...
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    Confusion with "Swear Words"

    Ya, I'll see if I can change it
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    Reset Poll

    Anything bought through the server store will be given again
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    Reset Poll

    Bit more mixed than I expected. Perhaps I should stop removing items from the market then and re-add all the blocks. I suppose player ran economy is only better on larger servers. Thanks for all the feedback The real reason why I put this poll up is because there's corrupted chunks on the...
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    Reset Poll

    So, recently we've been having a ton of problems with crashes due to corrupted chunk, items that didn't convert to 1.13 properly and useless items due to the old enchant plugin no longer being viable. I'm curious what you guys think about a hard reset. QNA Q:Why should we reset? A: It would...
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    1.13.2 Update News

    Hello, We've started the update to 1.13.2 recently and the estimated time to completion is roughly 8hrs from 5am est. If you have any questions concerning the update, please @Ergenta#5132 in our discord channel under general chat.
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    Cake Eating Contest

    Starting tomorrow, Sunday 16th, Sukkigo is hosting a cake eating contest.The object is eat as much cake as you can within a week and post your screen shots. Whoever eats the most wins! Dates: Sunday 16th to Sunday 23rd Prizes: 1st $20k 2nd $10k 3rd $5k Click here for further information