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  1. CanadianLady74

    Cletus_11 Staff Application

  2. CanadianLady74

    Apply for staff

    I am going to say I am neutral at the moment as well for the same reasons that Five stated. This doesn't mean you have been rejected, we just need the chance to get to know you better in the community. :)
  3. CanadianLady74

    Punishment Appeal for Baesment

    this was going on for hours. I saw what was happening. I got home in the evening and people were messaging me about the word "coochie". To me, it isn't an offensive word and the way it came about saying it, wasn't offensive. The constant overuse of the word when people were asked to not say...
  4. CanadianLady74

    RAlN (Ashlee)

    no one replied like I asked them to. I'll dm you Ash
  5. CanadianLady74

    Anxiety & Chips lol

    welcome to our little server! The people are generally very nice and accepting of people however they decide to identify. We get trolls, yes. We try to keep them reined in as well as we can. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)
  6. CanadianLady74

    QOTW 7/16/2020

    Five, this is what I am scared of when I start school in a few weeks. We are doing 'distance learning' when it comes to theory. I am scared of getting distracted by being at home and my games.
  7. CanadianLady74

    QOTW 8/7/2020

    Bly, I love resets. Not for losing builds because everyone knows I can't build, lol. I just love the fresh start and it gives way for NEW memories, thoughts and friends. :)
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    Hey Guys

    bear with me
  9. CanadianLady74

    Hey Guys

    I'm working on it TAoW. Just trying to figure it out
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    QOTW 5/29/2020

    Pfft PG ? I have nothing PG. 🤣
  11. CanadianLady74

    QOTW 5/11/2020

    ooo Cletus is getting married! Congratulations!
  12. CanadianLady74

    QOTW 5/11/2020

    I can't wait to have a fire on the beach with my neighbours. You have to realize how important a fire on the beach is here. When you light a fire on the beach behind my house, everyone in the cove can see it and it is like flies to shit. EVERYONE comes out. Young and old alike. Everyone...
  13. CanadianLady74

    Quality of life on the server - I want your feedback!

    ppl are complaining about losing money when they pvp. It does seem odd that you don't lose items but you lose money. You can also lose a lot of money after perishing a few times
  14. CanadianLady74

    Confusion with "Swear Words"

    this is an LGBTQ friendly server. Lesbian should be allowed imho
  15. CanadianLady74

    CheetahClawYT Bypassing

    that is among the LEAST offensive things you will see. I will talk to Cheetah.
  16. CanadianLady74

    Red's OLD staff app

  17. CanadianLady74

    Red's OLD staff app

    I am changing my vote to neutral. I think we may just have gotten off to a not great start and I apologize.
  18. CanadianLady74

    borislee's staff application

    Boooorrrrrrrriiiisssssssss <3
  19. CanadianLady74

    A 100% real discussion

    xD <3