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    Icy's Reapplication

    I love you so much Icy, I 100% vouch <3 you’re the sweetest human ever and we are luck to have you on the server
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    staff aplication

    HARD Object, I couldn't even read the whole thing. Please add more to your responses instead of "Yep" "Yup"
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    SlayerSan Application

    I vouch ❤️ You’re active and a sweet dude, even if i thought you were like 12 since you joined until like two weeks ago LOL. Good luck homie
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    Pink_RoseBud's Staff Application

    i love u i vouch <3
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    hi im leaving

    You will be missed ): <3 <3
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    Cutepaw924's Trainee application.

    My reasons to object: 1. I do not think you took this application seriously. To be fair it’s not as bad as the others i’ve seen. “don’t judge me” and “haha”, you wouldn’t put things like that one a real job application. 2. I find you very immature on the server. I get that you are young but...
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    Visde's Trainee Application

    Vouch <3