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    Diamondgirl2003 (2nd one)

    My vote remains the same. But don't let that discourage you. I appreciate that you took the time to improve your application, there are is definitely a difference; however, I still think your answers could use some more depth. If it interests you, you can just edit this application, not make...
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    Accepted Pink_RoseBud's Staff Application

    This is sooo long overdue but I 100% vouch, I've been seeing you a lot more often lately and I always got good vibes from you. It's been long enough, I hope this will bring some attention to this overlooked application Cheers <3 Christina
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    Diamondgirl2003's application

    For now, I object your application. It's a good start; but, I think the answers that you have provided need to have more thought and depth rather than a simple yes or a no. Let's take your answer to question 4 as an example: Rather than just answering yes, perhaps provide how you understand...
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    PapadeSucre's Trainee Application

    1. Do you have at least 72 hours logged on our server? This is required before applying for staff. I have played for a total of 6.55 days 2. Have you been a staff member on any other server? If so, which? I’ve been a staff member on 5 servers, most of which have closed. The only server that...