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    Reset Poll

    That would be cool. I have like 3 bases I use, I could maybe just clima one, and have the one to be saved. On the other hand, erg did say that usually a reset happens in October. So, if it being true, why not just do it now and rip the band-aid off.😁
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    Reset Poll

    Although I have spent hours playing and there is a feeling of sadnesses to say good bye to my old bases... I think if it is better for the server, then yes! Do what must be done. P.S.: Is there any way we could keep like an inventory of things (both regular and ender chest)? Like maybe some...
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    House build contest (15x15)

    Strawberry House IGN: jjupiterq Small (but tall) home; strawberry vines and aromatic winds. ;) Come take a tour to get the full sensation. :alien::alien: