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    QOTW 5/22/2020

    Somewhere 6 feet in the ground inside a wooden box, can be anywhere in the world, just has to meet those requirements.
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    Accepted braysonn's Staff Application

    Well written application, good answers and was nice to read. However, I would like to see some more elaboration, the answers you have currently are well written and good, I'd like to see what more you can add, examples points facts whatever you wish to add that would make it stronger and really...
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    Reset Poll

    It's an understandable thing to be upset over losing buildings and progress that you've spent hours on. But inevitably the server will reset and all builds will be lost, and asking this of the staff, to copy and paste and regulate hundreds upon hundreds of builds is, to be blunt, ridiculous...
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    Discord Nitro Server Boosting

    With the new addition of Server boosting with discord Nitro we have decided to give people who kindly help our discord server in game Minecraft items! Here are some of the items/rewards you will get: Nitro Booster (Personal) 24 hours long Description: Right-click for a 24hr xp...
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    Cake Eating Contest.

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    House build contest (15x15)

    Very cool
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    Drop Party!

    St. Patrick's Day Drop Party! Sunday March 17th 2019 On Sunday March 17th at 7:00 PM EST, the staff of Vivacity will be hosting a drop party in celebration of St. Patrick's day! HOW TO ATTEND The drop party will be at spawn, the day of the drop party a warp will be set, that warp will...
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    Hello there...

    Nice to meet you Pootaro
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    Cutepaw924's Trainee application.

    I'll say vouch, although a large group of the staff have a tinted perspective of you, I know who you are. We've known each other for a couple years and there are not many people who still play who have been on for that amount of time. With that time of knowing you I've seen your potential and...
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    Server Updates

    This thread contains recent updates/suggested changes to the server ADDITIONS: Addition of a resource world (/rtp) /blacksmith is now /artisan Overhaul of the market Treasure chest update info: POTENTIAL CHANGES: Vivacity tier armor If you have any other suggestions please feel...
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    Free Rank!

    Free Blue Rank This Week! We have decided that you all deserve a Christmas present from us at Vivacity, so here you are! Blue rank will be free this week until December 31st 2018 so make sure to get it while you have the chance! Along with the free blue rank we are having a sale taking 25%...
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    Christmas Build Contest

    Christmas Build Contest! _SaltyDinosaur_ is hosting a Christmas build contest! The theme for this build contest is: Christmas Tree! Please keep your creations personal! This means DIY (Do it yourself), we don't want someone else's Christmas tree for the build contest, we want yours! (this...
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    Rejected Vinnxy's Staff Application

    I think overall you should just improve your general presence/ make it known more. I'm going with neutral, as earlier today you seemed quite heated over your home being griefed, which is understandable but you would typically go against people who are rude and break the rules as a staff and if...
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    Server Rules

    Player Rules We have these rules to keep and maintain an orderly server. By joining the server, you automatically accept these rules. Be aware that the rules are subject to change without any notification. These rules are up for interpretation by staff members. Keep in mind that you can and will...