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    Sukkigos app

    I agree with CanadianLady, definite vouch!
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    Blockworldpro's Trainee Application

    I vouch! I've seen you active, those times when I see you active you are very kind and respectful. I think you would be an excellent trainee. Good luck! -Bly
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    Rejected Thomseiya Staff aplication for vivacity mc

    Like Red said, use the staff template. Then we can get to know you better, instead of just saying that. Good luck! -Bly
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    staff application

    I vote neutral. I haven't seen you online enough to know you. Your application is fine, but very short answers; try to go into more detail instead of just saying "yes". Good luck! -Bly
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    Red's Staff App

    Neutral. I haven't seen you online enough to know to vouch or object. However, so far your staff application is great! I look forward to seeing you active. -Bly
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    Icy's Reapplication

    I absolutely vouch! I've known you for long enough to know that you are a very kind and helpful person, you have been staff before and only quit because you were moving. The app is also great too! Good luck! -Bly
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    staff aplication

    Okay, first of all. I object. First of all, your grammar and spelling is, no offense, terrible. Second of all, you're a Skeppy-knockoff and you have very short answers, not giving us details to know if you're lying or not. Third of all, I have never seen you active. Good luck. -Bly
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    aye ya boi wants to help out again

    Okay, I'll say a vouch! You are very mature, but sometimes you argue. You're not the one that starts it, rather fuels it. You would be a great help. As Greg said, however, you have been demoted before. Ashlee thinks you would be a great addition, and most of us agree. Good luck! -Bly
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    TardisKing40's Staff Application

    I'll go with a neutral. I haven't seen you online yet, most likely because of time zones. I have, however, some suggestions on your application to help. Your application is okay, but not very detailed. We'd like to see more details and more information about you, as there are certain...
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    New Features to Vivacity!

    Erg has created a few new items and things. - You can turn rotten flesh into leather now - Astral Feathers and Astral Wings can now be crafted - New Artisan at /artisan - New GUIs and stuff The Astral Wings will be used as an ingredient for more items after the 3rd dungeon has been released...
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    aye ya boi wants to help out again

    Uh...this ain't a staff application man. Use the template for staff applications please. I'll vouch, neutral or object after you make an actual staff application~ Good luck! -Confused Bly
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    A fairwell goodbye to RBN/Vivacity

    Farewell, goodluck.
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    Shinobu_San Application

    I certainly vouch! You clearly have much experience on other servers, and that's good! Speaking of good, your application is phenomenal! My opinion thinks and respects you; you would be a great addition to our team. Good luck! -Bly
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    Accepted SlayerSan Application

    I vouch! Decent application, besides the grammar errors. You're an active player and judging by the information you have given us, I think you would be a great addition! You are a very respectful and helpful person at times, sometimes funny. Good luck! -Bly
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    Chazbears' (Jaz) Trainee application

    A complete vouch! You are a relatively active person, your application is phenomenal and you would be a great addition to our staff team! -Bly, Good luck!