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    Cr4zyCole's Trainee Application

    I vouch. Good luck! -Bly
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    Confusion with "Swear Words"

    It's just a plugin, we don't own it. I guess the owner of the plugin just made it that way. :/
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    GodlyBlue Trainee Application

    I vouch. You're active on both the server on the discord, you seem very mature and I personally think you would be a great trainee! Good luck! -Bly
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    Reset Poll

    I feel like we should, it's a small price to pay. People will leave, and that's not just an opinion. It would create a significant balance. It would also fix the problem of having useless pieces of chunk and plugins; a waste of server space just as Trent said above. The reset wouldn't last...
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    New Features to Vivacity!

    Erg has created a few new items and things. - You can turn rotten flesh into leather now - Astral Feathers and Astral Wings can now be crafted - New Artisan at /artisan - New GUIs and stuff The Astral Wings will be used as an ingredient for more items after the 3rd dungeon has been released...
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    A fairwell goodbye to RBN/Vivacity

    Farewell, goodluck.
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    Accepted SlayerSan Application

    I vouch! Decent application, besides the grammar errors. You're an active player and judging by the information you have given us, I think you would be a great addition! You are a very respectful and helpful person at times, sometimes funny. Good luck! -Bly
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    Diamondgirl2003 (2nd one)

    I will change my object to a neutral. Although this application is better than the first one, there are a few grammatical and spelling mistakes. You're on the right track, but I think you should make it look like you haven't rushed; you can also use a bit more detail in there. You seem kind...
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    Accepted Pink_RoseBud's Staff Application

    This is late however I most certainly vouch as you are very kind-hearted and active, your application is great! Have a great day! -Bly
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    Diamondgirl2003's application

    I object-it has a decent beginning but the rest of the application needs more feeling and thought, a simple "yes" is kind of bland and I would love it if you went into more detail. As a tip, try to clarify and interpret (in other words, explain) your answer so we know you understand the system...
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    hi im leaving

    We'll miss you :( Have a great life! <3
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    Accepted BlyDoesMC's Trainee Application

    General Questions 1. Do you have at least 72 hours logged on our server? This is required before applying for staff. (Ensure you reference your time log: pause > Statistics > second line) Yes; as of the time typing this application, I have 9.98 days logged on- almost 10 days. I have been...