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Cake Eating Contest

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Starting tomorrow, Sunday 16th, Sukkigo is hosting a cake eating contest.The object is eat as much cake as you can within a week and post your screen shots. Whoever eats the most wins!

Sunday 16th to Sunday 23rd

1st $20k

2nd $10k
3rd $5k

Weekly News

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Build Contest Winners:
Build Contest poll has closed and the winner is: Sukkigo with 7 votes!
2nd place is a 4 way tie between: Slayersan, iCodinqs, SlimeCraft541, Venluckey
3rd place: KiwiBuzzSaw
Thank you everyone who joined us in the build contest. Please contact Staff for rewards if you attended!

Event News:
New event starts today: Maze event. In this month long event, we present a fun maze to venture through with a mystery reward at the end. Opening time: Right now!
Closing time: July 1st

Reward: Tier4 Mystery box
Where: /event

We are now offering 10k per review you make. One time payment per link provided.
How: Do /reviews in game

Build Contest Poll

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Build Contest poll is now live. Please take the time to review all applicants before voting. They can be found here: Build Contests

Build Contest - House Theme

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Welcome all!
We're doing a build contest starting Saturday to Sunday night and all are welcome to join

Build Contest Information
How to Join:The build contest is being held at /plot. Claim both corners of a plot and start building
Material: Use your own material. There's a Market NPC located at /plot if needed
Theme: 15 x 15 house plot
Rules: Has to be an original build. No presets or taking others designs.
Team: Can be teams or single player contestant (prize will be split if you're in a team), but you may not be on a team or build your own.
Prizes: 1st 100k, 2nd 50k, 3rd 25k, All contestants will received a Treasure key.
Submission time: Submissions starts Sunday night and ends on Wednesday

Contest Submission Format
Create a new thread and place in the...

Drop Party!

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St. Patrick's Day Drop Party!
Sunday March 17th 2019

On Sunday March 17th at 7:00 PM EST, the staff of Vivacity will be hosting a drop party in celebration of
St. Patrick's day!

The drop party will be at spawn, the day of the drop party a warp will be set, that warp will be /warp party!

In order for the drop party to follow through we must reach roughly 20 players, to ensure the loot does not all go to a small group of people! That being said, be sure to invite your friends and inform anyone who may not know!

Yours truly Vivacity Management

Server Updates

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This thread contains recent updates/suggested changes to the server
update 222.jpg
Addition of a resource world (/rtp)
/blacksmith is now /artisan

Overhaul of the market

Treasure chest update info:
42 MCMMO Credits
50 MCMMO Credits
5x Arcane crate
4x Divinity crate
2x Relic
3x Mythical crate
3x Villager egg
3x Villager egg
3x Skeleton horse egg
3x Polar bear egg
3x Zombie horse egg
3x Llama egg
3x Parrot egg
3x Mule egg
5000x Job points
12000x Job points
3x Mythical chisel


25k to 40k money, no longer 40k to 70k money,
druidic bottle increased,
arcane crate 1 to 5 increased,
divinity crate 1 to 4 increased,
mythical crate 1 to 3,
added relics, removed totem of undying,
increased all spawn eggs 1 to 3,
added mythical chisels

Further changes may occur

Vivacity tier armor

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to comment them below or request them in the #server-suggestions section in our discord [COLOR=rgb(65, 168...

Free Rank!

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Free Blue Rank This Week!

We have decided that you all deserve a Christmas present from us at Vivacity, so here you are! Blue rank will be free this week until December 31st 2018 so make sure to get it while you have the chance!

Along with the free blue rank we are having a sale taking 25% off of all products, this sale as well will end on December31st 2018

To get these great deals please visit our store at: or click the "store" button at the top of the website!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!

Yours truly...

Christmas Build Contest

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Christmas Build Contest!

_SaltyDinosaur_ is hosting a Christmas build contest! The theme for this build contest is: Christmas Tree!
Please keep your creations personal! This means DIY (Do it yourself), we don't want someone else's Christmas tree for the build contest, we want yours!
(this includes YouTube, google, and any type of tutorial) However, feel free to get inspiration from these sites! Just don't directly copy.
You will have one week (Starting Sunday December 2nd) to build your fantastical Christmas tree! Your builds will be judged on the
9th of December at 7 PM EST.

The winner of the build contest will receive a prize along with having their tree featured in future Christmas events!
If you wish to join this build contest, please private message and or mail _SaltyDinosaur_ (Discord:T-Rex#3917) and state that you wish to join!

You may build anywhere! Of course creative is suggested as it's much easier to obtain the resources and it makes it easier on the judges

Good luck to everyone and make sure to have fun! ...​

Creative World

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After many questions and comments we have actually introduced a Creative Plots world!
Basically, this is a world that allows you to build freely, in creative, without having to worry about griefing, land claims etc. You can let your mind run free!
Don't worry, all of your Survival builds are safe! So are your inventories. They're 2 completely separate entities. Creative. Survival. No mix.

Plot Limits
- A-F - Can claim 1 Creative plot.
- G-I - Can claim 2 Creative plots. Allows access to plot merging and un-linking.
- J-M - Can claim 3 Creative plots.
- N-Z - Can claim 4 Creative plots.

Some Basic Commands:


- /plots help - Lists any commands, should you not want to check back here.
- /plots (auto) claim - Lets you claim a selected plot. Inserting 'auto' into the command, finds you an unclaimed plot automagically.
- /plots delete - Un-claims and clears the plot. Irreversible. You will have to re-claim and re-build the plot.
- /plots visit [IGN] [PlotNumber] - Allows you to visit the inserted person's plot. If they have more than one plot, insert the plot number afterwards.
- /plots trust [IGN] - Allows someone to always build on your claim.

- /plots add...

Are you Rank Z?

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Hello Everyone!

Some of you may be wondering what actually happens when you get to Z. Honestly, we don't know yet! We're thinking of ways that you guys can still work towards things using in-game currency, we're just not sure what those ways are yet, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know!

However, we do know that you need something to work for... Something to make Rank Z worth it apart from the already fantastic perks it brings you! As such, we've decided that the first person to reach Rank Z will receive

We hope this is something you'll want/enjoy. We thought we'd reward the person to reach rank Z first for their hard work and dedication

To clarify, "the first person" is the first person to send ME (Glitch) a screenshot of themselves with the Z Rank on Discord before anyone else does. If I get two or more through all at once, it might come down to a tie breaker

1) Reach Z Rank
2) Screenshot said Z Rank (Using F2)
3) Navigate to your screenshot folder
4) Send it to ME on Discord... If it gets sent to anyone else, it will NOT be counted. (Me = GlEeiiTcHH#0750)
5) Feel smug |:>

Good luck...

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