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Changes to the way the economy works

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Hello everyone!

In an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for you all on VivaCityMC, we are proposing a change to how the economy and deaths work to help make the game more enjoyable for you all.

How our current economy and death works:
Our current economy is very basic, you have a balance and that is your sole area where you can keep track of money and spend it too.

The current death system is vanilla: You die and your items get dropped on the floor and you have 5 minutes to reclaim those items.

Our proposed new system:
The new economy will be based on a bank and a purse/pocket system, you earn money and it goes into your pocket/purse and you must deposit it at the bank, and withdraw it from there to make purchases etc. You will also earn interest on the bank balance.

The new death system will instead take a fixed amount of your balance from your purse/pocket. For instance, if you have 500 and you die, you will have 50 taken from you if you have 1 million+ and you die, you get 500 taken from you, a max amount of 5k will be taken from you upon death depending on your balance, and your items will stay in your inventory. Your bank balance will not be affected when you die, making it a safe place to store your money.

Let us know what you think of this new proposed system, and if you would like to see it implemented into the server! Just vote above! The poll will be closed within 7 days, so make sure to vote on it before the end of next week!

All the best,
Shay Punter.

Server Down for Maintenance

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**Server Problems**
I'm aware the server closed and we're working on a solution. Please bare with us during this time.
- Thanks, Ergenta

Server Is Down For Maintenance

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Hello all, I'm sorry for the sudden closure of the server but I don't have control over when the host does maintenance. We're switching server its. So if you're using the direct numerical ip, switch to or Both of these should be back up within 30min to an hour.

We thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

- Ergenta, owner

Reset Poll

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So, recently we've been having a ton of problems with crashes due to corrupted chunk, items that didn't convert to 1.13 properly and useless items due to the old enchant plugin no longer being viable. I'm curious what you guys think about a hard reset.


Q:Why should we reset?
A: It would clean up the main world and regenerate the chunks to the current version. It would also correct a lot of the useless items floating around on the server caused by the outdated enchants plugin

Q:What would happen?
A:Everything would be reset. All items, in-game ranks, money, all worlds. I would be as if it's a new server

Q:Would we keep our donor ranks?
A:Yes. Everything you've received from the donor shop would be given again

Discord Nitro Server Boosting

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With the new addition of Server boosting with discord Nitro we have decided to give people who kindly help our discord server in game Minecraft items!
Here are some of the items/rewards you will get:

Nitro Booster (Personal) 24 hours long
Description: Right-click for a 24hr xp boost that only effects you

Nitro Booster (Server Wide) 12 hours long
Description: Right-click for a 12hr xp boost that effects the whole server

^^^(Effecting Vanilla, Mcmmo and Jobs)^^^

$25,000 for your personal spending
Description: Right-click to give yourself $25,000!

Thank you for helping our discord community grow!
Yours truly: Vivacity Management

1.13.2 Update News

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We've started the update to 1.13.2 recently and the estimated time to completion is roughly 8hrs from 5am est.
If you have any questions concerning the update, please @Ergenta#5132 in our discord channel under general chat.

Cake Eating Contest

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Starting tomorrow, Sunday 16th, Sukkigo is hosting a cake eating contest.The object is eat as much cake as you can within a week and post your screen shots. Whoever eats the most wins!

Sunday 16th to Sunday 23rd

1st $20k

2nd $10k
3rd $5k

Weekly News

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Build Contest Winners:
Build Contest poll has closed and the winner is: Sukkigo with 7 votes!
2nd place is a 4 way tie between: Slayersan, iCodinqs, SlimeCraft541, Venluckey
3rd place: KiwiBuzzSaw
Thank you everyone who joined us in the build contest. Please contact Staff for rewards if you attended!

Event News:
New event starts today: Maze event. In this month long event, we present a fun maze to venture through with a mystery reward at the end. Opening time: Right now!
Closing time: July 1st

Reward: Tier4 Mystery box
Where: /event

We are now offering 10k per review you make. One time payment per link provided.
How: Do /reviews in game

Build Contest Poll

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Build Contest poll is now live. Please take the time to review all applicants before voting. They can be found here: Build Contests

Build Contest - House Theme

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Welcome all!
We're doing a build contest starting Saturday to Sunday night and all are welcome to join

Build Contest Information
How to Join:The build contest is being held at /plot. Claim both corners of a plot and start building
Material: Use your own material. There's a Market NPC located at /plot if needed
Theme: 15 x 15 house plot
Rules: Has to be an original build. No presets or taking others designs.
Team: Can be teams or single player contestant (prize will be split if you're in a team), but you may not be on a team or build your own.
Prizes: 1st 100k, 2nd 50k, 3rd 25k, All contestants will received a Treasure key.
Submission time: Submissions starts Sunday night and ends on Wednesday

Contest Submission Format
Create a new thread and place in the...

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